The One-Way Ticket

Last week I bought my ticket to Nepal. (Leaving: September 18th…!)

I’ve NEVER bought a one way ticket before. Even after many months of mental preparation for this moment, it was still much harder than I was expecting to actually hit the “Confirm” button on Emirates’ website. SO irreversible! But once I did (and ever since), I’ve felt a deep sense of peace mixed with delicious excitement for what’s to come. The trepidation I’d been feeling for weeks has thankfully dissolved away  —  at least for the time being.

Now I just have to learn Nepali. I get a few months of formal language training in Kathmandu before actually going on site to Tansen. It remains my biggest concern. Because come December, I will be practicing medicine exclusively in the native tongue. (No translator. And I don’t even know the alphabet yet!) Everyone says that being immersed in it for several months will do wonders for my language acquisition. I certainly hope so (!!)

So what’s on the immediate horizon for me? Well, I moved out of my apartment yesterday, to become happily nomadic (and more or less work-free) for six weeks as I spend valuable time with friends and family, say my goodbye’s, make space for a brief personal retreat, and soak up the last bits of a land that has been the only home I’ve ever known. As you can imagine, there’s a whole lot going through my mind right now  —  both in terms of logistics & planning, but also all kinds of feelings and emotions weighing on my own heart. It’s deeply comforting to know that this road has been traveled by others before me  —  and even more so, that I have the prayers of you all girding me before and behind. Please keep ’em coming!

Check back here from time to time in the next few months, as there’s lots more to come  — I’ll be posting monthly updates, photos, cool links & resources, and even some info on visiting me in Nepal  —  for those hale & hardy souls interested in doing so!

3 thoughts on “The One-Way Ticket

  1. The one way ticket is certainly sobering in the sense that there is no turning back or changing your mind now. You are committed to the work ahead of you as part of your life’s ministry. The work you will do will leave a footprint on your heart forever and will shape your medical practice and personal impressions. You are set apart to become something beautiful for eternity in the hearts and souls of those you will touch!!!

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