Tansen: First Impressions

(Disclaimer: My last few weeks in Kathmandu were rather busy, and since arriving in Tansen I haven’t had much internet access at all – so, apologies for “falling off the grid” for a while there.)

Last week I loaded up my luggage and traveled to Tansen via the “Buck”  so called because in a former life, the hospital’s supply-transport vehicle was a highly utilitarian, half bus / half truck hybrid. It was a comfortable 9-1/2 hour trip (luxurious in that I had my own seat and some decent leg room). Since then I’ve settled in nicely to the steady pace of life here, and have one more week of language classes here before jumping into the hospital rotation on 22 December. At this point I can now write out full paragraphs in Nepali script, and am attempting to have semi-fluent conversations (although I find writing much easier than speaking  and understanding easier than both of these.)

My new home faces out toward an enormous valley, an area known at the “White Lake” because in the mornings it’s filled with cloud.  I woke up to that ethereal sight today, just as the sun was cresting the Himalayan range on the far horizon – and again had a hard time believing I was really here.  Compared with Kathmandu, the air is cleaner, the stars brighter & more numerous, and the wildlife more abundant. Happily, the weather is also quite a bit warmer  a comfortable 55-60 degrees (F) during the daytime, although it gets quite chilly as soon as the sun goes down. The townspeople are as friendly as ever, always returning a cheery grin and “Namaste!” when greeted on the dirt paths around Gairi Gau (my new neighborhood).

Several of you have asked to hear more about the people (both Nepali’s and ex-pats) that I’ve come to know. Since there’s a ton to say about that – and to avoid making this a marathon blog-entry  I’ll save that for next time…

Also, there have been some inquiries about my mailing address…what with the holidays coming up and all.  =)  The address listed at the right will be the same for my entire time in Nepal (see also the updated “Resources” tab), Although packages are very cumbersome & expensive to send (and there’s virtually nothing I need that can’t be easily gotten here, anyway), letters are always welcome & encouraged!

Looking forward to hearing from y’all, as time (and mail) allow!

1 thought on “Tansen: First Impressions

  1. Hi Becca.,

    Better late then never. I’ve been trying to get a Christmas letter in the mail (200 of them) and up to my ears-mailed yesterday! PTL I have been so blessed to see how well you are doing – with the language, starting your practice in the hospital, cultural obstacles and etc. We pray for you every day. Have a joy-filled Christmas.

    Blessings on you,

    Ray and Normalee

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