Earthquake Response

Where to begin?

My head is spinning over all that’s happened in the course of just a few days. It’s the sort of week where each day feels more like an entire month. I arrived back in Tansen several hours ago, following an overland & helicopter mission to Gorkha, a remote district northwest of Kathmandu that was heavily affected by Saturday’s earthquake.

Apologies that I haven’t been able yet to respond to the wonderfully encouraging messages you’ve all sent over the past 72 hours, but I definitely want to thank each of you for your concern, prayers and offers of support on behalf of this strong but suffering country and her amazingly resilient people.

A HUGE thanks also to my colleague Josh Riggsbee for his frequent Facebook updates during our rare moments of cell-phone access, and for his partnership on the journey of the past few days. You can find a more detailed, minute-by-minute report by checking out Josh & Sarah’s blog, Momos and Mountains.

Just a quick FYI… I’ll be structuring my next few posts this way:

  1. Key events of the past few days, as they have unfolded in my experience
  2. An assessment of the current situation in rural Gorkha, and
  3. Practical ways that you can get involved and help

1 thought on “Earthquake Response

  1. We are all thinking of you and the people of Nepal. We will follow your posts and are looking for ways to help. Stay safe and encouraged….for such a time as this.

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