Three Ways You Can Help

PRAY          ~          GIVE          ~          GO

 ‘Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,’ says the Lord, who has compassion on you.  Isaiah 54:10


Prayer is, without a doubt, the most important and readily available thing any of us can do right now. Remember the God to whom we pray: a God of compassion in the midst of suffering, One who is alive with us, and who is making all things new.

With this in mind, then, let us pray…

  • For the many who are grieving lost or missing loved ones in Nepal, throughout south Asia and around the world  –  that they would find comfort and healing.
  • For those injured in body or soul, or those still missing  –  that they would be quickly restored to good health and their communities.
  • For those affected by continuing aftershocks and ongoing anxiety  –  that they would be able to find much-needed rest and peace.
  • For those laying down tonight hungry, cold and wet  –  that they would be provided the basic essentials of food, clean clothing, blankets and shelter.
  • For all those working to respond to this disaster by bringing relief and rebuilding in the face of devastation, Nepali’s and international’s together  –  that strong and effective partnerships would be forged and that each would have strength to address the many needs around them.
  • For the government and leadership of Nepal  –  that our officials would effectively address the suffering of its people with wisdom, justice and equity, and communicate clearly their desire to distribute aid in a unifying & compassionate way.
  • For the churches of Nepal to be mobilized  –  that they would whole-heartedly engage with the needs of their communities and show the love of Christ to those around them, by faithfully being His hands and feet in all places that need healing.
  • For the process of long-term rebuilding and future development of Nepal’s infrastructure and economy  –  that shalom would reign over this land in the form of safe roads, accessible food & water, quality hospitals & schools, and many spaces to nurture community & fullness of life.


For a brief moment, the world’s attention is turned to the small corner of our world that is Nepal. Since funding from donations is crucial to the coming years of rebuilding in the wake of Saturday’s devastation, let’s spread the word about the following resources. UMN and INF, in particular, have been doing comprehensive, holistic development work in Nepal since its borders opened more than sixty years ago. They are both well-positioned to be effective here in the coming days and weeks, and they’ll still be here long after the wave of acute relief recedes. Here are a few suggested organizations:

  • United Mission to Nepal (UMN)  –  long-term capacity building & holistic development; post-trauma counseling and psychosocial care 
    • Emergency Response Statement: “UMN is here for the long haul; we will use our strong local relationships with communities and with government agencies to ensure that relief and recovery work is carried out carefully, and that local people are involved in the decisions that affect their lives.”
  • International Nepal Fellowship (INF)  –  long-term capacity building & holistic development; long-term physical and occupational rehabilitation services
  • Tear Fund  –  acute disaster humanitarian relief
  • Samaritan’s Purse  –  acute disaster humanitarian & medical relief
  • Medical Teams International  –  acute disaster humanitarian & medical relief
  • Micah Network  –  mobilization of the church network in Nepal to coordinate efforts at addressing humanitarian relief, immediate victim aftercare and the long-term recovery needs of their communities


…but NOT YET!

In the present situation, it is actually not helpful to have individuals flowing in with offers to help immediately. There is plenty of manpower locally, and highly trained/ experienced relief teams continue to arrive with appropriate assistance.  But for all others, especially those who do not know the language or nuanced culture, the “aftershock of aid” creates considerably more of a burden on an already taxed system.

However, there will be a long-term need for multiple aspects of rebuilding and infrastructure development  –  a vision reflecting exactly the kind of comprehensive restoration that I talked about in a recent post.  If you have a skill, it will very likely be valued in Nepal’s future  –  in partnership with the resourceful and incredibly resilient people of this nation.

4 thoughts on “Three Ways You Can Help

  1. Samaritan’s Purse has always been our first choice, and I am thankful you included it. Your opinion is respected and appreciated. God bless you. Jesus’ love, Carole & Paul

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  3. Rebecca. Each post is read carefully and in prayer. We are suggesting a dress down day. .God bless and stay safe

    Love, Althea 

    Sent from my Galaxy S®III

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