Video Update

It’s hard to believe that barely three weeks have passed since the earthquake here. It feels more like three months. As you’ve heard, we’re still having significant “aftershocks,” most recently one of 7.3-magnitude (a huge earthquake in its own right) that struck east of KTM two days ago. Yet life and work continue on here at Tansen, as the team supports a network of relief efforts while also anticipating a heavier workload in the coming weeks with the start of monsoon season.

Perhaps not surprisingly, living through an experience like the recent earthquakes has further solidified the already strong bond I feel with Nepal – forging ties that I hope and trust will be strengthened in years to come. But for now, I’ve been thinking a bit about solidarity. How does one begin to stand alongside those whose lives and circumstances remain radically different from my own – people who wrestle daily with the realities of scarce food, shelter and healthcare to a degree that I often can’t even imagine?

I sense that some of you may also be feeling the weight of this. Many of you have said in recent e-mails and conversations that you find it hard to imagine what life here is like, especially at this time. To be honest, it’s not a world easily imagined anyway without seeing it – one reason I’d love for people to come and experience it firsthand, if they’re able. But for most of you, that’s not a possibility right now and I understand that. So to help stir your imagination, I’ve put together this video of photos we took of the people and places affected in Gorkha, where we served in the immediate wake of the disaster…

Earthquake 2015: Update from Nepal

Earthquake 2015 – Update from Nepal.mp4 from Rebecca McAteer on Vimeo.

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