A Joy & Privilege

Tansen Team, Dec 2015 (outside).jpg

Last year, I wrote about the things I’ve learned to appreciate about the two places I have called “home.” The truth is, though, that what any of us enjoy – and miss – most when leaving is the people, dear friends we come to know and love in each.

Shane Claiborne once defined community as surrounding yourself with people who are like the person you want to become. I can think of no better way than this to describe my experience in the Tansen community.

Attic Bible Study (2014)It is true professionally – of colleagues who challenged me with their consistent example of loving, diligent care to patients. They each brought a wealth of experience that they freely shared. They’ve also had to wade through their own share of tough headwaters, emerging on the other side with even greater resilience and beauty.

It is equally true personally, as I shared life day to day alongside these same friends, with their grit and perseverance, their humility, their humor, and above all their utter self-forgetfulness. I’ve learned that the best communities are those that at first may seem rather ordinary – until you scratch the surface to find pure, fire-tested gold.

This diverse Tansen community, a body that images the beauty of Christ among the nations, draws out because of its diversity the many facets of God. How I will miss hearing the beautiful sound of Scriptures read and prayers prayed in accents from around the globe – French and German, British, Australian and Irish, Dutch, Afrikaans, Tamil, Korean and Canadian – and yes of course, Nepali too!

Tansen Team, Dec 2015I’ve now finally arrived home in the States, after a wonderful week in the UK with two other Tansen friends – a sort of “pre-re-entry,” as it were. Today’s blog is reserved as a tribute to each of you in my dear, and dearly missed Tansen community. I write with prayers for your continued unity, strength, and encouragement in our Lord.

And in the sure hope that it’s not goodbye but rather, for now, “See ya…”  

Farewell from Tansen

4 thoughts on “A Joy & Privilege

  1. Welcome home, dear sister in the Lord! May God bless you and both your families with a peaceful, joyful, and healthy Christmas and New Year.

  2. Thanks for writing this, Becca. How was your time in England? Was it refreshing to have that stop on the way home or did you just want to get home? I think you just missed Becky’s arrival there, which is such a shame, but praise God that she has a diagnosis. How is your transition back home going so far? Hopefully it at least has involved some rest and good food and great coffee!

    Meanwhile we just had another knock on our door about Jack’s crying. I’m sure they all think we’re beating him, when the irony is that, if we actually did beat him, he probably wouldn’t scream so much! But beating him also wouldn’t allow him to learn that emotions are real and okay. It makes me want to cry and leave and live in a little cabin in the woods far away. But life goes on.

    It is sad not having you here. I’m heading up the Secret Santa gifts and White Elephant exchange in your absence, although I surely won’t do it as well as you did last year.

    Missing you and praying for your transition back.


    • So good to hear from you, dear Leona! Sorry that Jack’s sleep is still causing such trouble, and I’m sad to miss out on fun Christmas party-time with the team; SO great that you’re heading up those activities!!! You’re super-creative, and a LOT of fun!! =)

      Had a fabulous time with Jackie and Rachel in the UK, and very much enjoying time with my family now in the States. I really wish I could’ve seen Becky, but am looking forward to a visit this coming year, far-off though that seems now…

      Have a wonderful time with the Christmas cheer and festivities this week, and please give my love to everyone! =) Miss you!

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