I just wanna say…

It’s wonderful to be home!

I’m so thankful for this space in which to reconnect with friends and family up and down the East Coast. It feels like I’m re-joining the “day-to-day-ness” of life together with you all – in that basic, wonderfully prosaic way in which life together is lived out – and I love it!

A big piece of my re-entry happened this past Sunday, when I had the chance to worship at my home church, New Hope Fellowship. What a joy it was to be back with these longtime brothers and sisters of New Hope Fellowship signmine, beloved friends who have walked with me through some hugely formative experiences over the years. (The best part is remembering that we don’t have to squeeze it all into just a few days!) After a bit more traveling over the next few weekends, I look forward to settling back in Westchester and rejoining life here – life at its most routine day-to-day-ness. =)

In this short-and-sweet post, then, I want to say THANKS to you, my “sending church” congregation. Thank you for remaining present with me, in large ways and small, during my two years in Nepal. And I look forward to sharing that presence more fully now, in the weeks and months to come!

Thank You (global 3)

8 thoughts on “I just wanna say…

  1. That’s great Rebecca. I hope Mrs. O’Connell, sr. Ellen and I can meet you at some point. Welcome home and happy new year.


  2. Tremendous blessing w/your unexpected visit! You look/act radiant with the joy of the Lord! May He bless you with an extraordinarily productive and joy-filled future in whatever His plans for you may be. Thank you Lord, and thank you Rebecca.

    • Paul & Carole, thank YOU for a truly beautiful time together the other day! I have thought of it very often since, and even wrote my next blog post on it (just haven’t had a chance to finalize it yet!) Thanks SO much for your faithful prayers & encouragement. =)

  3. So glad to hear you are home safely. If you have any plans or desire to visit DC, please know that you always have a place to stay with my family

    Kindly, Marguerite

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