In September 2013, I arrived in Nepal for a two-year commitment to Tansen Mission Hospital. Located in the Palpa district at a modest 4,400 feet altitude, this 165-bed hospital nestled in the foothills of the Annapurna Himalayas serves thousands of patients from all over western Nepal and northern India, and is part of a broader healthcare network run by the United Mission to Nepal. Among other honors, Tansen was recognized for its excellence in service with the “Best Hospital in Nepal” award in 2012. Check out the 2015 Friends of Tansen update for more info and stories.

Tansen Mission Hospital (SP:WMM) Tansen Mission Hospital, Palpa District, Nepal

After a three months of language training in Kathmandu, I moved west to Tansen in December 2013, joining the handful of missionary ex-patriates and some 350 Nepali employees already serving there. My role at the hospital includes practicing full-spectrum family medicine (in the Nepali language) in the inpatient and outpatient settings, and teaching students and residents in our affiliated training program. And as part of a mission hospital whose front gate announces, “We serve, Jesus heals,” I have been priviledged to care for patients and their families in the name of Jesus Christ, ministering to body and spirit with His compassionate presence. World Medical Mission (WMM), a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, is my sending organization, and I am deeply thankful to also have the support of my dear brothers and sisters at New Hope Fellowship (Tarrytown, NY) during my term of service here.

It has been said that God always calls His servants closer to Himself. In following Christ’s call to Nepal, I trust that I have found more of Him here. I ask for your prayers — that I would be strengthened to serve Him faithfully with endurance, and that His name would be glorified in this work.

UMHT (header pic)

Video about the work of Tansen Mission Hospital

“Why Nepal,” you may ask? Well, to start, I’ve always been fascinated with South Asian culture, and began to sense God leading me in various ways to missions in India several years ago, during my family medicine training at Lancaster General Hospital. In exploring it further, I decided to partner with WMM and found that their site in Tansen, Nepal fit best with my training and background. Strangely, I’ve never felt as immediately “at-home” in another country as I did the moment I stepped off the airplane during a visit to Kolkata back in 2010, and it was a similar sensation when I spent time in Nepal over the summer of 2012. Funny, isn’t it, those deeply personal ways in which God speaks to each of our hearts?

This blog is an attempt to capture the experiences that my two year journey will bring. Please keep in touch via the blog, snail mail, e-mail, Skype… Or a visit in person, if you feel so inclined!


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