Mailing Info

Rebecca McAteer
c/o United Mission to Nepal
PO Box 126
Kathmandu, Nepal

Any mail & packages sent to this address at UMN Headquarters is forwarded on to me via the weekly Tansen “buck” (bus-truck). Packages are cumbersome & expensive to send, and there’s virtually nothing I need that can’t be gotten here…  However, letters are always welcome & encouraged! :-)

If you do send a package, here are some tips that *may* help:

– definitely keep the weight under 4 pounds
– pre-wrap/ seal the package (a shoebox or cardboard half-gallon milk carton works best  —  wrapped in brown paper and sealed off completely with packaging tape, so things don’t “go missing” en route!)
– the USPS’s “Priority International [Small] Flat Rate” box seems to be another good option, as long as you can keep the weight under 4 pounds
– let the post office know it’s for “foreign INGO/ mission, personal effects” (sometimes there’s a discount available)
– for the customs declaration form, write “used household goods” and provide a conservative estimate of value (preferably under 10 dollars). For clothes, open them and remove any labels; for books, make a pencil mark in it somewhere  —  then the items can honestly be listed as “used,” and a low value noted. This helps prevent theft, and also reduces international tariffs at the receiving end.
– Some packages occasionally go missing, but usually they get here. Remember that letters can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks to arrive. (It’s generally much longer during national holidays like Dasai and Tihar, both of which ended recently.) Usually it’s the same for packages, although they can take up to 3 months, so it’s best to let me know if I should be on the lookout for a letter or package! =)

And a few other helpful references…

– Handy flat-rate reference (PDF) online:
– International Shipping Guide:
– Options for Nepal (4-pound maximum):


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